The Cooperative Purchasing Association Electricity Betuweroute U.A (CIEBR) has been established on Juli 1, 2010 by KNV Rail freigt transport, Keyrail and some other Rail freight transporters. With CIEBR, the rail freight transporters, who use the Betuweroute, get better understanding of the long-term costs for electricity use and there is a better response to the growing demand for electricity.

More and more electric trains use the Betuweroute. Electric trains are more durable and efficient to use. With the establishment of CIEBR, KNV Rail freight transport, expects that the enthusiasm for electric transport by the Betuweroute will increase. This has a positive effect on the sustainability of freight transport.

As of July 1, 2020, it is possible to calculate used traction energy on the BetuweRoute on the basis of energy meters.

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