CIEBR has a contract with energy supplier Vattenfall for the electricity on the Betuweroute. The energy rates are not fixed, but depend on the expected and realized annual volume. For 2024, the following rates* are fixed (incl. renewable energy):

  • Peak:                  € 127,87 per MWh
  • Off-peak:            € 109,39 per MWh

Members pay a monthly advance based on their own prognosis. The paid advances will be settled with the actual consumption at the end of the year. The total realized consumption on the Betuweroute is allocated to the consumers with the aid of a model, approved by AVL.

Members of CIEBR pay in addition to their energy consumption a contribution of € 3.500,- per year.

Non-members pay, in addition to their consumption of energy (same rate as members), a surcharge of € 13,- per MWh. This surcharge is composed of administrative costs, costs for the purpose of covering credit risk and facility bank guarantee.

On the 5 km-section in Germany a surcharge of € 8,36 per MWh is applicable (members and non-members).

 The payment terms of CIEBR can be found here

* Rates are subject to total consumption. If more (/ less) is consumed than purchased, electricity must be purchased (/ sold) at the spot market. This can have affect on the final rates charged. Railway Undertakings will be informed on time.



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